Below you can see the contents of each of the two types of Provitura products.

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The list below shows daily intake (1 capsule).

CBD: 5/10/15mg

Calcium (filler): Approx 270mg

Provitura Plus

The list below shows daily intake (2 capsules).

CBD: 5/10/15mg

Curcemin: 100mg

Omega-3 and -6 (HDA & EPA): 200mg

Selenium: 100μg

Astaxanthin: 4mg

Vitamin B1: 1,2mg

Vitamin B2: 1,4mg

Vitamin B3: 20mg

Vitamin B5: 6mg

Vitamin B6: 2mg

Vitamin B7: 5mg

Vitamin B9: 300μg

Vitamin B12: 2μg

Vitamin C: 70mg

Vitamin D3: 15μg

Vitamin E: 10mg

Vitamin K2: 30mg

Magnesium-citrate (filler): Approx 300mg