Guide to Provitura

Provitura is an innovative food supplement containing key vitamins such as minerals, fatty acids and CBD (cannabidiol). The ingredients depend on whether you choose Provitura or Provitura Plus.

By combining these essential nutrients, we have created the most innovative solution. Say goodbye to expensive multivitamin pills and CBD products. Provitura is all about innovation, natural lifestyle and convenience.

Why does Provitura contain CBD?

CBD is a natural active substance with a lot of benefits, such as leaving a calming effect on the body and mind. It has shown popular as a positive effect on both preventively and pain-relieving.

Provitura contains micro-encapsulated. which means the CBD molecules are broken into particles and emulsified. Furthermore its water-soluble and full-spectrum, which allows you to absorb up to 92% of the CBD. Making it significantly more effective than most commercial CBD products.

In addition to the research mentioned above, we at Provitura also sincerely believe that natural resources
should be considered the primary option when it comes to overall health optimisation. Many people take their multivitamin supplements daily, so we wanted to combine the best of both worlds and create the ultimate product for people who are new and experienced with CBD.

Who needs Provitura?

Is Provitura for you? If you want a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and want to start using CBD, then Provitura Plus is for you.
If you only prefer the benefits of CBD, then Provitura is the right product.

Save money with convenience

If you’re already taking multivitamins and CBD, you may be able to save money and enjoy the conveniencev of Provitura by ditching the several products you buy now for our one in all product.

Be balanced & healthy

Provitura is ideal for all adults, who wants a healthier and more active lifestyle.
Please note that Provitura should not be replaced with a healthy and balanced diet. And should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

How and when should I take Provitura?

Provitura comes in traditional capsules, easy to swallow with a glass of water. At one capsule a day, you can take it before bedtime. At two capsules daily, you can take one with your breakfast and one before bedtime. It's entirely up to you

Which to choose and how to buy

Ordering Provitura is easy. Go to our shop, choose your product and strength. If you need help choosing a product, you can use our product calculator by clicking here.