Dosage Guide


Below you will find a guide to choose the desired CBD strength in your Provitura product. Remember, we always recommend new users to start as a beginner and after 30 days evaluate whether you should try the next step.

With this, you must assess based on your body weight and desired starting strength as mild (New using CBD), medium or strong.

Body weight

Mild effect

Medium effect

Strong effect

60 kg Light Medium Medium
70 kg Light Medium Strong
80 kg Light Strong Strong
90 kg Light Strong Strong
100 kg Light Strong Strong
110 kg Light Strong Strong
120 kg Medium Strong Strong
130 kg Medium Strong Strong
140 kg Medium Strong Strong
150 kg Medium Strong Strong


New studies show that the maximum recommended intake of pure CBD (98%) is 10 mg. daily or max 0.15mg per kg body weight. 10 mg. CBD is equivalent to our Provitura 15mg CBD (equivalent to 9.75mg pure CBD) due to our quality and production method.